Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Day in New York


As you've seen from yesterday's post, I went to NYC on memorial day. I mainly went there just to explore a bit, take some cool pictures, and go to Shmakary's for the Broadway Bakes, and get to see Laura Osnes! :)

I took the best way to go to NYC, in my opinion, which is taking the Staten Island Ferry that calls for amazing pictures and a super pretty view! You hop off the Ferry and you are by Battery (I was obviously singing: THE BRONX IS UP BUT THE BATTERY DOWN! #onthetownreference). Soho, which is my favorite area of NYC, isn't too far of a walk from where I was so I walked around there a bit, and went to my favorite store: Topshop! :)

After walking around Soho a bit, I took the subway to the Columbus Circle to have a late lunch at my favorite bakery, called Francois Payard Bakery. They have really good macarons, and my favorite sandwich type of thing that I had at Euro Disney. :) After relaxing a bit in FBP, I walked toward Times Square, which isn't a long walk either (completely forgot to through Central Park for pictures  D: ).

And lastly, the thing that I had been waiting for the whole the day was about to happen! I would meet one of my favorite broadway actresses over at Schmakery's, which is like a bakery that specializes on cookies (which are amazing! Definitely a great to go when in NYC for the first time!). The bakery is having Broadway stars sell their cookies from the 25th to the 29th of May, for Broadway Bakes (Here's info of the schedules if you are close to NYC).

At Schamakery's I got a Schmores cookie, that was wonderful, but I was too tired already to take a picture of it (trust me, it was amazing!). Laura Osnes and Corey Cott were selling the cookies, and they were super sweet, singing happy birthday (which Laura sang an octave higher and I melted inside #musicaltheatrefreak) for the girls who were having their birthdays and taking selfies. I also bought Laura's cd, which she signed and all of the money went straight to Broadway Cares.

I then went back home, just as happy I always am after seeing a musical, and took pictures the way back to Staten Island, which the sun helped a lot! :)

What did you do on Memorial Day?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What's in My Bag: NYC Edition


If you follow me on instagram, you may know that I went to NYC yesterday. Because I am super tired today, and my brain has given up one me, I thought I would do a quick post on what I brought to NYC in my bag! :)

My bag is the same backpack that I did the post on how I style a backpack, and I brought this one because I would be caring my DSLR and it was easier to carry a big camera this way.
So, I had my wallet (Target), my keys, and my iPhone (case from Target). I also brought my makeup/emergency bag, in it I have a nail polish, which Sally Hensen's Blue Me Away (because I painted my nails on the drive to the ferry), some Advil, mints, contact lenses solution, band-aids, my MAC concealer, the mascara I was wearing (Maybelline's Mega Plush), my ELF translucent powder, my NYX lipstick in XOXO, and a hair clip. I also brought my DSLR with me, but couldn't put it in the shot, since I was taking the picture with it!

What do you have in your bag?
What did you do on memorial day? 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Makeup Monday: My Eyeliner


I feel like throughout the years I have found the makeup look that seems to flatter me the most and that I feel most confident in. Granted I have had plenty makeup fails, trying to rock a smokey eye even. However, my go to makeup look is a winged liner and bold lips, so I wanted to share how I have been doing my eyeliner lately, which has been working pretty well for me, and it's pretty simple! :)

I usually do my neutral eye makeup or whatever I feel like wearing. Then, using an angled brush that is somewhat dense (I'm using a NYX one), I apply black eyeshadow (mine is Black by NYX) just like I would an eyeliner, I wing at the end and work my way in. For me, the angled brush gives me a lot more precision and the shadow is much easier to remove if I make any mistakes and I can lightly line my wing, so both eyes look similar. Tip: for a really dramatic wing, I use tape so that it is a straight, sharp line! 

Because I have oily (yucky) eyelids, I can't simply wear the black shadow because it will move to my crease most likely! And I don't feel like the shadow has enough intensity either. So I apply a liquid liner over the shadow (Mine is Kat Von D's Puro Amor)! I already have a guide to easily line my eyes with the scary liquid eyeliner and I am ready to go! 

That is how I do my eyeliner! Pretty simple right? Tell me what is your go to makeup look, and how you like to wear your eyeliner! :)

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Friday, May 22, 2015

How I Style: Backpack


Something that I have been seeing everywhere in stores are backpacks and I appreciate this trend a lot! :P So I decided to share how I style looks with backpacks, granted that my backpack is a bit bigger than the tiny ones that are trendy but I love it way too much! :D

So here's my backpack! I believe I bought it at TJMaxx for $30.00! I love the hook on the front and the gold hardware. Let's get started with the outfits!

This is definitely my favorite outfit! It is super comfy. I decided to pair a black tank with a random woman on it (that I believed to be Lady Gaga when I was obsessed with her), high waisted black shorts, a red and black flannel and black vans! I added in a couple of rings and a bracelet to complete the look. And a half pony tail just because I was feeling 90s!

For this look I decided to still keep things comfy, but a bit more romantic! I belted a cream flowy blouse with a black belt, jeggings, and black sandals. For jewelry I kept everything white, gold and baby pink.

For the last look, I decided to go a bit fancier. I paired CĂ©line t-shirt with a daisy skirt, and black wedges. For jewelry I chose a statement necklace and a spiked bracelet! 

How do you style backpacks? Do you like the trend? Make sure to tell me in the comments!
For a full list of the brands of everything that I used head over to my lookbook!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Favorite Lipsticks for Summer


One of my favorite beauty products is lipstick! I have been obsessed with bright lipsticks for quite some time and they are my weakness at any beauty store. So, I decided to share some of my favorite lipstick for the spring/summer! :)

I picked six of my favorite lipsticks in my collection that Spring/Summer appropriate (I wrote appropriate because sometimes I like wearing some dark lipstick in the middle of a hot summer day). 
Here they are:

The first lipstick is by NYX, and I have fallen in love with these jumbo pencils. This one is in the color French Kiss, and it is a bright hot pink, pretty matte but not too dry and doesn't slip all around your face! And the fact that it is a jumbo pencil, makes application a lot easier.

The next one is another one by NYX, in the color XOXO. The camera did not do this color any justice, it is a lot more of a coral color than pink. It is the perfect color if you can't pull of orange lipsticks, like me! :)

The next one is by NYX, again! I love NYX, since it is pretty affordable and very good quality when comparing to other drugstore brands. This one is called Maraschino and is just a classic bright red, I decided to buy because the red that I have are darker.

I swear this is the last one by NYX! This is just a very neutral light pink color, and I usually wear it when I don't feel like putting too much makeup on. It is in the color Pink Lyric. The formula of the Lip Smacking Fun Colors is the one I love the most, it stays on for quite a bit and doesn't dry my lips, which is what I first look for in a lipstick! Besides, these lipsticks retail for around $4.00 at Ulta, which doesn't hurt. ;P

This lipstick is a bit on the more expensive side. It is by Givenchy in the color Fuchsia Irrésistible and it is a hot pink color. The formula is super moisturizing and stays on very well.

The last, but definitely not least, is one a funkier color (my favorite type of color :D). It is from the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks collection, in the color Melted Violet. It is very liquidy and the stay isn't too amazing, but the color is way to pretty not to mention. It is a pinkish lilac color. It is different from the pinks and reds, but it is the perfect color if you feel like getting into the funky lipsticks that have been trendy lately, since it is different but doesn't stand out too much.

Well, hope you liked this post! Make sure to tell me in the comments what are your favorite lipsticks for the Spring/Summer!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hidden Obsession: Drag Queens


I decided to start posting some things that show more of my opinion, a bit more personal. What better way to start this post series than with my biggest obsession? Drag Queens!

My obsession started when I watched RuPaul's drag race a long time ago, which, I'll admit, it was love at first sight with all the makeup and glitter. And the best part was that they looked beautiful and their humor was my favorite. Granted that seeing the show made me very confused because I didn't see them as men dressed as women, but as drag queens. They fit into any of the gender boxes, I wasn't thinking whether they were girls or guys. And, after watching a video on YouTube, where Courtney Act, talked about how she didn't put people in the little boxes when it comes to gender, I realized that I am just like that.

Whenever I would see a boy dressed as a girl, I wouldn't care. I would look at the outfit, at the makeup, not at the most unimportant part, in my opinion. My mom, on the other hand, would right away see that it was a guy, she would look at the features and put that person in one of the boxes in her head. Granted that she is from another generations, that, some, don't even accept gay people.

Recently I was on facebook and ran into a video post that explained something that, to me, was very simple. The video explained the difference between transgenders, transvestites, and drag queens. I've talked to people that I know and most people don't understand that drag queens don't necessarily identify themselves as women.

So, imma break things down, a lot like the video I saw (here is the video, but it is in Portuguese). There's the difference between gender and sex, gender is the way you identify yourself, and goes into personality, and sex is defined by your reproductive organ. A transgender is someone that doesn't feel comfortable being in the body that they are in and have to change it, like Bruce Jenner or Chaz Bono. Drag Queens, on the other hand, are men that dress as women but don't identify themselves as women. They create a character that happens to be a woman, it's just their uniform. Drag Queens, can be women dressing up as men as well.

I hope this post is something that you enjoy! Tell me your opinion in the comments, and what are you obsessed with?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Yay or Nay: Cut Out Boots


Lately I've seen cut out boots being sold all over the place and I thought it was a bit odd. I did some research (which is going in online stores and fashion websites) and saw that cut out boots are actually a trend for spring/summer.

I do love cut out boots, they have been around for a little bit but I never actually got one just because I never found the perfect one, but after seeing that this is a trend for spring I don't see myself wearing them. I always have awful experience with the warmer times of the year, since I hate hot weather and get easily burned (whitepeopleproblems). Wearing boots are not a possibility for me. :s

This is the first nay in the story of this post series! (are you surprised? I am!) I'd definitely yay cut out boots in the fall/winter, though. :)

What do you think about cut out boots in the spring/summer? Is it a yay or a nay?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Update: Gone, Broadway, College


Long time no blogging! 
I haven't posted anything over here for almost a year, that is so unacceptable! I have a reason, which is the lamest excuse and it is just that I got uninspired, it wasn't the best phase of my year, but I plan to come back and add in videos over here!

So, a quick update on what's happened in my life. I got into college, and just finished my freshman year. I also found my obsession, and love, for musical theatre, and theatre in general. So I have been helping out over at my college. I auditioned for a musical and performed for the first time in my life, which led me to getting in the choir in my school! (yes, I sing! I just had been pushed back so many times by people saying that I wasn't good that I hid it). Hint hint: if you guys want, I can tell you all about how I got obsessed with theatre and what my experience has been so far!

I've dyed my hair dark AGAIN! Aaaaand, I am planning on dying the tips turquoise, perhaps. 

I am still obsessed with fashion, makeup, and all that good stuff! 

Don't forget to tell me what you'd like to see over in this little blog of mine!

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