Saturday, May 18, 2013

Madrid Yumminess...

HELLO! Right now I am probably on my way back to Denmark... 

It is time to talk about food in Madrid, and I will be sharing with you some of the things I will definitely be trying.


Made with seafood and yumminess, that everyone knows about.

Tortilla de Patata

It is well-known and I definitely want to try it! It is made of eggs and potatoes, basically like an omelet. And has its variations…


The yummy finger food, I simply love their Jamón Serrano! YUUUUUM!

Churros con Chocolate

They don't have to be with chocolate, I will accept one in any way! :)

What dish would you like to try?  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's In My Bag: Airplane/Madrid edition

HELLO! Happy friday, you're probably happy that the weekend is coming, and I am not because I will have to go home on saturday! :(

Today I will be sharing with you what I am bringing with me to the airplane and Madrid in my bag!

My bag is from Zara, with studs on the side! Love it!

I am not bringing that many things. Just two sunglasses and my normal glasses, bobby pins, my wallet, EOS lip balm, Twist gum, H&M umbrella and hand cream. 
Of course, I am bringing my phone and earphones, but that is not very exciting! 

What do you bring in your carry on bags?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Madrid week: Places I'd like to go.


Today's post will be all about the places that I want to visit in Madrid...

Museo de La Reina Sofia

One of the places that I definitely would like to go is the Reina Sofia museum. I wouldn't say it is because I am obsessed with art, but because it is where Picasso's painting: Guernica, is located. 
I don't really know why, but I have always liked his work and just the thought of seeing that huge painting with my own eyes, gives me goosebumps. 
Plus the name of the museum is pretty awesome!
Guernica by Pablo Picasso

Gran Via

Another place that I will be definitely going is Gran Via, since it has shops and it seems to be a pretty busy street. Which makes me think of my home town! :)
And there is also the fact that our hotel is pretty close and there are so many Starbucks in that area, that it is not even funny.
 Edificio Metrópolis

There is also the Metropolis building, which is located in Gran Via. I know it is not that amazing to look at a building that is owned by an insurance company, but I thought that it was a pretty building!

Muralla Arabe

Another one that seems pretty interesting is the Arabic Wall, just the sound of it makes me want to go see it! And it is super pretty! :)

Where do you want to go in Madrid? 

Monday, May 13, 2013

What's in my makeup bag: Madrid


It is time to start the travel related posts...
Today I will be sharing with you what I am bringing to Madrid, beauty wise.

I am bringing all of my makeup in this cute makeup bag from Too Faced!

What I am bringing:

- Wet'n'Wild Walking on Eggshells palette 
- elf black gel liner
- Maybelline 24 hr Color Tattoo in Pink Gold
- Topshop eyeshadow in Good as Gold
- Sephora pencil liner in infinite beige
- Rimmel London pencil liner in Sable
- Black pencil liner by Too Faced
- Sephora lipstick in Jealous
- Sephora lipstick in 47
- Topshop lipstick in Legend
- Bourjois lipstick in 04
- Bourjois lipstick in 14
- Revlon lipstick in Peach
- Revlon lipstick in Raspberry
- NYX lipstick in Pink Lyric
- MAC lipstick in Créme de la Femme
- MAC lipstick in Viva Glam Nicki
- Maybelline color sensational popstick in Tropical Pink
- Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion mascara
- Too Faced LashGasm mascara
- NYX blush in Peach
- MAC tinted moisturiser in light
- Make Up For Ever HD concealer in 315
- OPI nail polish in The World is Not Enough
- Sephora pencil sharpener 
- Urban Decay The Vice Palette 
- Clean Scene moisturiser
- Primed poreless Too Faced primer
- Too Faced shadow insurance
- Benefit That Gal shadow primer

Now, here are the brushes I am bringing:

From left to right:
- eyebrown thingy 
- Sigma E55
- Sigma E30
- Sigma E65
- Sigma E25
- NYX angled brush
- Sigma E40
- Sephora concealer duo fiber brush
- Sigma E60
- Brush that came in the vice palette
- Sigma F40
- Coolcos big blending brush
- Sigma F80

What are your must have beauty items when travelling?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Instagram Round Up: (05-11/05)


 It is time for another insta round up!

The beginning of this week was very relaxing with shopping and going for jogs, but then I realised I had 2073124981 school things to do and started stressing out! But friday everything was fine! 
And on saturday, I had breakfast at starbucks and dressed up my friend's Panda! :)

Has your week been stressful?

Update: Next week!


First of all, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! :D

This upcoming week I will be in Madrid, I have already scheduled all of this week's posts to be posted already. It will be all related to Spain and travelling!
The week after I will probably have lots of things to tell you about my trip! 

Be ready for some Spain overdose!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

I love nail polishes!


As you may or may not know, I am a bit obsessed with nail polishes. I have roughly 200... #addiction
So, yesterday I spotted an awesome deal. Get 3 pay 2 OPI nail polishes, that sold me right away!

Here are the polishes that I got:

This is the one that I was mostly excited for! THE liquid sand! AAAAMAZING!
It's black, with red glitters.

This is another beautiful colour. A silver with red reflections.

And finally this cute lavender color, perfect for spring, could not be left out!

I painted my nail with "The World is Not Enough"

What are your recent nail polish purchases?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Today's Outfit: Geeky Friday


Today I will be sharing with you my outfit for today...

I wanted to go casual geek today... SIMPLY LOVE THIS TEE!

Want to know what I am wearing?
Check it out on lookbook! :)

Do you have a lookbook? Make sure to leave your link below! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Designer Dupes: Valentino


It is time for another 'designer dupes' and this week it is all about Valentino.
I will be mostly focusing on one of my favorite items by the brand, that has been pretty popular. But it may go out of style quickly. They are the studded bags!

Here are some of my favorites:

Even though they are amazing, they still could go out of style way too quickly. And I don't have that much money just lying around...
So I have few bags that follow the same concept as Valentino's!

 The first one being Zara, a store that pretty much everyone has in their country.

I couldn't find the black bags in the website, but they do have it. :)

Another place that you can find Valentino inspired bags is They have pretty good prices and also sales. 

I thought that the ones from Choies looked a lot more like the original bags, I actually like them a lot! 

 I know it is not the best quality in the world, but you're not going to use a studded bag for the rest of your life...

Would buy the dupe or the original?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beauty Haul: Sephora (again)


As you can probably figure out, I am a bit into Sephora. So, yesterday I was looking around and spotted Taylor Swift's Enchanted Wonderstruck, which I was looking for like crazy! So I ended up buying it and some more things! :D

So let's get this thing started!

The first thing that I bought was obviously THE perfume! I really like it! :)

The next thing that I got was this cool top coat that is supposed to make your nails ombre, I will definitely tell you once I've tried it! :)

I've also gotten a pencil sharpener, since my old one was falling apart. :)

And, since I will be travelling (you will know more about it on sunday), I bought this bottle for me to put my leave-in/detangler! :) Cute right? 

And, of course, I got some samples! I really am going to try all of them, since they sound awesome! :P

What have you bought lately? Any amazing perfumes?

Monday, May 6, 2013

New to my wardrobe: Running Shoes


Yesterday I went shopping for some nice running shoes and ended up buying these ones.

They are the Nike Lunarfly 4 and are compatible to the Nike+, which I also got with the SportBand!
So far so awesome! :) It's really fun and a great way to keep being active, since it is like a game where you get points (Nike Fuel). And you can easily set goals.

Also they have launched a game where you have a certain time and distance to run and if completed, you pass levels. It seems to be fun, I will definitely try it out on my next run. It is called NikeFuel Mission.

Have been running or are you too lazy?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Instagram Round Up (28/04 - 5/05)


I haven't been really good with instagram this week, and only took a few pictures. :(
But here it is:

I started my monday with one of my favorite songs, and on the same day we had lunch outside school. The weather was super nice and the sky so pretty!
Friday I had some warm starbucks, cause I wasn't feeling the best and then on saturday I went shopping!

What did you do this week? I'd love to know!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Monthly Favorites: April, 2013


It is the beginning of May, and that means it is time to tell you my favorites for the past month.

Beauty Favorites

So let's start with my beauty favorites!
The first item is my Makeup For Ever HD concealer, which I bought in the beginning of the month (I think), and have been loving it ever since!

Pallets are perfect for traveling, since you have numerous colours and mirror in one place.
For this month I have two favorite pallets, the first one is Urban Decay's The Vice.
It has 20 colors, neutral and bold colors, perfect for travelling, with a huge mirror! And the packaging is so pretty! :D
My favorite shadows are Desperation, Nevermind and Unhinged. :)

The second pallet that I have been loving is by Benefit and it is called "Her names was Glowla"!
The pallet is super nice and way more compact than The Vice. It has 5 neutral eyeshadows (Passion Pearl, Peachy Sheen, Terracotta Satin, Steamy Copper, Deep Bronze), but the twist is that the shimmer in most of them is gold, making them a bit warmer. It also comes with Coralista blush, Bag gal Lash mascara, high beam and moon beam (really nice highlighters) and a lipgloss in Life on The A List. 

Fashion Favorites

My favorite outfit this month consisted of black tights, dresses and flats! And I have been loving it! Perfect for the mornings that I have to get ready fast.
One of my favorite outfits would be this one:

You can check out what I am wearing on Lookbook!

My favorite accessories for this month are very few! They are my Michael Kors watch and SUNGLASSES!
And out of all of my sunglasses, my favorite would definitely be my Striped one by Zara!

Random Favorites
My favorite Starbucks drink of the month is the Java Chip Frapuccino!

My favorite TV shows this month were Grimm, Once Upon a Time and the last episode of Vampire Diaries (the originals), which was amazing! I am super excited for the Originals series!

For music I have been loving When I was your Man by Bruno Mars, Just Give Me A Reason by Pink and Nate Reuss and Just Keep Breathing by We The Kings!

My favorite apps for the month of April were Dujour and Solitaire Blitz.

What were your favorites this month?

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