Monday, May 25, 2015

Makeup Monday: My Eyeliner


I feel like throughout the years I have found the makeup look that seems to flatter me the most and that I feel most confident in. Granted I have had plenty makeup fails, trying to rock a smokey eye even. However, my go to makeup look is a winged liner and bold lips, so I wanted to share how I have been doing my eyeliner lately, which has been working pretty well for me, and it's pretty simple! :)

I usually do my neutral eye makeup or whatever I feel like wearing. Then, using an angled brush that is somewhat dense (I'm using a NYX one), I apply black eyeshadow (mine is Black by NYX) just like I would an eyeliner, I wing at the end and work my way in. For me, the angled brush gives me a lot more precision and the shadow is much easier to remove if I make any mistakes and I can lightly line my wing, so both eyes look similar. Tip: for a really dramatic wing, I use tape so that it is a straight, sharp line! 

Because I have oily (yucky) eyelids, I can't simply wear the black shadow because it will move to my crease most likely! And I don't feel like the shadow has enough intensity either. So I apply a liquid liner over the shadow (Mine is Kat Von D's Puro Amor)! I already have a guide to easily line my eyes with the scary liquid eyeliner and I am ready to go! 

That is how I do my eyeliner! Pretty simple right? Tell me what is your go to makeup look, and how you like to wear your eyeliner! :)

PS: Today I am starting a photography challenge over on my instagram, be sure to follow me!

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