Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I need your opinion!


I just wanted to know what you would like to see on CM! 
Outfits of the day? Maybe Hauls? 
I don't know what kind of posts are your favorites?

Just leave as a comment below or you can go to CM's facebook page!

Monday, October 14, 2013

OOTD: Lazy Sunday


So, yesterday was just a chill day. My mom dragged to ikea and I died, basically.
But I will be sharing with you the outfit that I wore, since I love my sweater so very much! :D

I could not bother to put on makeup and contacts, so I just went with the au naturale look! 
But the most important part is my awesome donut sweater! :D

My sweet sweater is from Forever 21, my leggings are Target and my boots are from a Swedish Shop. My glasses are ray bans. 

What is your favorite sweater?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekly Wishlist: Makeup Pallets


I decided that every week I would share with you one or two items that are in my wishlist! So let's go!

I actually saw this last week, but I simply had to share it with you! It is the most amazing makeup pallet in the world. I might be biased because of the name and the theme.
It is called Crème de Couture and it is like macaroons galore! And as you might have seen I am quite into them, just look at the name of my blog!

 I actually have no idea how good are Sigma's pigments, but I am willing to try it out! 

And it is not in a bad price. For the eyeshadow pallet and three blushes, basically the full collection, it is $55.00.

Another pallet that I am surely going to buy is the Vice 2 pallet. I already have the first one and it is my holy grill, so it will surely be nice to have a second one!
The Vice 2 pallet retails for $59.00.

Have any of you bought Makeup by Sigma? I would love to know what you think about their pigmentation!
What is one pallet that you've been dying to get?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Faves: Nail Polish


Every week I will be sharing with you some of my favorite things that are fall related, since the leaves are falling off the trees and there are so many pumpkin flavored things...

Needless to say that fall is definitely my favorite season. I love halloween, turkey, pumpkin anything and all the trees look super pretty! So I will be telling you some of my favorite polishes to wear during fall. 


The first ones up are my favorites of this season! METALLICS! I just love them way too much!
I am in love with the Sally Hansen Complete salon manifure in Gold Roses, which is basically rose gold. And Topshop's Eclipse which the perfect word to describe it would be OIL! Yep, it looks like oil! :)


Not that many people would think of wearing pastels during fall, since it is the time to wear darker colours. But I wear them all year round and you can mix things up and have an accent nail.
My favorites are Kiko's number 7, the most beautiful mint green that has a slight neon feel to it, OPI's You're such a Budapest, super pretty lavender and Orly's Lift the veil.


Then the glittery comes and I just falling love even more. First one is Orly's Velvet Rope, which is simply a beautiful dark purple with silver glitter, OPI's liquid sand in Stay The Night, black with red glitter and it dries matte with a sandy texture super funky and last but not least Orly's Rage, a light pink with silver glitter.

What nail polishes are you going to be wearing this fall? Any nail art tips?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Haul: Home Decor


As I've told you before, I have moved to the US and that means that now I have to start decorating my room from scratch. So I will be sharing with you some of the things that I buy along the way and when it is officially done I will share with you all! :)

So I went to Ross a couple of days ago and was just browsing through the home decor and saw good deals, here they are:

The first thing that I spotted was this Memory Board. I have been looking for one like this but in most places they were $15-$20, but this one was only $7.99. Had to have it! I will be hanging up by my desk most probably. 

This one is the coolest thing in the world. It is a box that looks like a book and it is Paris themed. A must have! I am currently storing my jewellery in it. :)

What is your favorite decor in your room?

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