Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today's outfit: Ombre Geek


 Today I thought I'd share with you the outfit that I wore yesterday. :)

I was in desperate need to use my ombre pants, for no reason at all. So, I decided to pair it with my GEEK t-shirt from topshop, my black faux leather jacket from H&M and my studded sneakers from Zara. For the accessories I chose a small white bag from H&M, my Zara sunglasses (since it was a little bit sunny), a cheetah wirey headband that I wrapped around my ponytail from Lindex, a pretty bracelet also from Lindex and my pink ombre ring from Topshop!

For my makeup I kept it simple just some neutral eyeshadows, winged liner and my coral lipstick in 13 by Rimmel London. 

Hope you liked it! Leave it in the comments telling me if your excited for spring to come! :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Today I thought I'd share with you some of the things that I bought a week or so ago!
Let's get started!
So, let's star with my brand new fierce rings!

Loved this ring from and it was super cheap, only 10 dkk! #bargain
It is pretty cool, it has kind of an ombre effect. And the shape is pretty! *-*

Now, this one is definitely my favorite! It is a ring with gold and white spikes. It is pretty big on my tiny hands, but still it is beautiful! And it was also 10 dkk at topshop! :)

Now, let's get to the beauty part of this thing! :)

I have been looking for a moisturizer because mine is not really working anymore. So, a couple of days I just had click and decided that I had to buy one right away. So I just went to Magasin (a big department store in Denmark) and chose one that smelled good and seemed to work. 
It is from the brand Clean Scene and it basically balances the skin making it healthier! And the best part is that they don't test on animals! :)

I have recently seen that there was a new beauty store at one of the malls close to my house and yesterday I thought I'd look into it.
The brand is CoolCos and it is danish. And for the people that are allergic to perfume or just don't like the smell of make up, it has no perfume at all! It is a lot cheaper than any other lower-end make up, here in Denmark.
So here's what I bought from there!

I saw they had some brushes and I thought I would try out their blending brush, since I was in desperate need of one. And it is impressingly soft and this morning I used and it seemed pretty good.

I have been wanting a cream blush for a while, but never really bought any. So I thought I should try theirs, so I bought this pretty pink and so far so good, I like it a lot! The shade is 02 and I believe it was less than 80 dkk, usually a rimmel london blush is around 80 or a maybelline one, and this packaging is pretty big.

And finally, last but most certainly not least...
My brand new lipstick form the Kate Moss collection from Rimmel london. I am in love with it!
It is a bright corally orange color that will be amazing for summer! :)

So, yeah that is it! Hope you all liked it and make sure to tell me in the comments what is your favorite makeup item! :)


Sunday, February 24, 2013

What's In My School Bag


Today, I thought I would share with you what I carry in my school bag!

  1. iPhone Gloves from Tiger
  2. Marshall headphones from Fnac
  3. White iPad 2 in a polka-dotted cover from Glitter
  4. White iPhone 4 in an Accessorize cover
  5. Mentos Gum
  6. Topshop lipstick in Legend (discontinued)
  7. NYX lipstick in Pink Lyric 
  8. Revlon lipstick in Raspberry
  9. EOS lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet
  10. Books and notes
  11. Voss water bottle
  12. Wall-e pencil case from ToysRUs
  13. TI-84 from Texas Instruments
  14. Kipling wallet 
  15. Tote from Lindex
There you go! :) So, tell me what is in your school bag or if you have a blog write a post on it and leave the link in the comments, I will for sure be interested! 

Also make sure to tell me what king of posts would you like me to post!


Thursday, February 21, 2013


I am very sorry that I haven't posted anything these past days. I have been busy with school! :(
Today I thought I'd share with you some my wish list!

Leave me a comment telling me what are some of the things that are on your wish list!
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Music Monday: Sara Bareilles

 Hello, people!

Today's time for music monday, where I will share with you my favorite artist, song or music video for now!

The first music monday is an artist. Her name is Sara Bareilles. She has a beautiful voice and I found out about her a long time ago, I think it was around the time when 'Lovesong' came up, 2007. I was watching a tv show that showed three bands per episode recording and talking about themselves. Sara was in the first one I saw and she was playing 'Lovesong', I immediately fell in love and downloaded a couple of her songs.
 Time passed and I still would listen to her music every now and then. My favorites were 'Lovesong', 'Bottle it up' and 'Gravity'.
 And now, 6 years later, I went back to being obsessed with her. I found out she came up with a new music video that is simply the coolest thing ever. 

The song is called 'Gonna Get Over' you and all about breaking up, but the best part is that it is fun to listen to! I love the ending of the music video, btw!

Now my Sara Bareilles playlist looks like this:

My favorites are 'Gonna Get Over You', 'King of Anything' and 'Once Upon Another Time'.

So, do you like Sara Bareilles music? Who is your favorite musician at the moment? Tell me in the comments, I love listening to new things!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Simple Things...


 Today I am going to show you some of the decorations in my little office/gaming room! They surely are simple things, but they can make a difference and make things a bit more fun!

 I recently painted this canvas. It was simple to paint and fun, I simply measured 6 cm and put duck tape. Then I painted with different colors. I think it looks cool!

Now, this one is not going to stay on my desk forever, I am planning on getting a canvas and painting something to put in the frame. But meanwhile, I just took a fancy napkin and put in the frame. I am in love with this frame and is just from IKEA. :)

Now, this one is definitely my favorite out of all of the decorations. I have clothes rack in the room and there is nothing but boxes on it, so I decided to make it a little bit prettier by putting PUMPKIN LANTERNS! I know halloween was over a long time ago, but I just love the lantern too much to leave there. I can also change it up, since I found out that they have some cheap lanterns!

That is a wrap! So, what are YOUR favorite decor items? Make sure to tell me in the comments below!  And don't forget to follow Couture Macaroon, so that you'll know when there is a new post!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Snack: Cute Chocolate

So, I decided that I was going to start a foodie series on this blog. Every saturday, I will share with you something different and yummy.

Today I'm going to show these cute little tiny chocolates from Ritter Sports. And here they are:

Aren't they cute?
I am trying to eat less chocolate, even though easter is coming up. I feel like if I buy only these and only let myself eat one, only when I'm craving for chocolate, I'll start to reeducate myself.

I love Ritter Sport chocolate! They have tons of different flavors. My favorites are the one with biscuit inside and the yoghurt one.

 Hope you guys liked it. Make sure to tell me in the comments what's your favorite snack!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Yay or Nay: Comic trend


 Today's post is all about this trend that has been around in a lot of stores. Comics or  Geeky things!
 Whenever I'm looking at cute clothes online or at any other store, I have seen a lot of graphic sweaters with the words 'bang' written on them or anything Comic-ish!
 Topshop launched a new collection, a little bit ago, that was called Comic Girl. In the collection they have Geeky things, such as Pixelated accessories, smiley leggings, pop art sweaters and one of my favorites that I have seen a lot of people wearing, the Geek shirt.

They have the cropped ones, the longer ones and the jumpers. What I personally like about them is that  the t-shirts look as if you customized them. 

 Besides the Geek shirts, here are some of my favorite items from the Comic Girl collection:

Of course the Mickey shirt is the cutes thing! I loved the Pixelated heart necklace, it so geeky! I simply love "exotic" pants, so the smiley one could not be left behind. I really like the wedge sneaker idea, it is comfy and you can dress it up or down. I used a lot of sweaters, specially because in Denmark it is cold and windy all the time and the pop art one was my favorite one. I could let the Gorillaz shirt be left behind, this band was part of my childhood and I remember how much I liked them!
You can find all of the item at topshop!

 Another store that is starting to have some Comic pieces is Zara. The TRF came up with a couple of graphic sweaters and shirt in theme of the trend.

  They do look nice and it is obvious that the two stores focused on different trends that are going to be popular in Spring and Summer.
 Overall, I liked the sweater with the girl in black and white, and the tee with the same kind of design.
You can find all of the items and more at Zara.

So, did you guys like this trend or do you think it is a total fail? If so, make sure to post in the comments your opinion!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today's outfit: Army Cheetah / Modelito do dia

 Today I thought I would share with you one of my favorite outfits! My inspiration for it was my favorite color and pattern. Army green and CHEETAH!
 Since the military trend started becoming popular, I fell in love with it and now it is even more popular, and it is present in most of the seasons. Animal prints have also always been my favorite, but they have to be used in moderation, even though they consist of neutral colors.
 So here is my outfit:

 I am wearing an army green shirt from Zara that has gold skull buttons, a cheetah scarf that was also from Zara, a simple tank top from H&M. My jeggings are from topshop and they are super comfy. And my boots are from a random store in Denmark.

 For my accessories, I am wearing my cute golden cross earrings from topshop and I have top bun just to get my hair out of the way, since it is too long.

 I am also wearing my Michael Kors watch, two bauble bracelets from Aldo and a spiky bracelet from a store in Brazil.


So, yeah, that's it! Hope you liked it. Don't forget to follow my blog and make sure to tell me your favorite trend in the comments!



 Hoje eu pensei em mostrar pra vocês um dos meu modelitos favoritos! Minha inspiração foram minhas cor e estampa preferidas. Verde militar e ONCINHA!
 Desde que a moda militar começou a ficar popular, eu me apaixonei por ela e agora que ela está ainda mais em alta, estando presente na maioria das estações, melhor ainda para mim! Estampas animais também vem sendo uma das minhas favoritas, mas elas têm de ser usadas com moderação, mesmo que elas sejam basicamente cores neutras.
 Então aqui está o modelito:

Eu estou usando uma camisa verde militar (musgo) da Zara que tem botões de caveira dourados, um lenço de oncinha que também era da Zara, uma blusa de alcinha preta simples da H&M. Minhas jeggings são da Topshop (que agora está no Brasil! UHUL!) e elas são mega confortáveis. E minhas botas são de uma loja qualquer da Dinamarca.

 Para os meus acessórios, eu estou usando meu brinco dourado de cruz e tenho um coque, só para tirar meu cabelo enorme do caminho!

Eu também estou usando meu relógio da Michael Kors, duas pulseiras de bolinhas da Aldo e uma pulseira de spikes da Tasy Bijoux.


Então é isso! Espero que vocês tenham gostado. Não se esqueça de seguir meu blog e me falem qual sua tendência favorita nos comentários!

Com amor,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Haul / Compras


 To start off this blog, I thought I would share with you all some of the things that I have recently bought. 
 Now, since a lot of the stores are still on sale and new collections are coming up, I have to basically go to Zara or Topshop at least once a weak. It is very important! ;)
 So, here are the things I bought!

 I bought this really cute boots from a random store at the walking street in Copenhagen. It is a really bright blue color and has bejeweled skull on the side (perfection!)

I bought this big chunky bracelet at Cubus in Emporia (a big mall in Malmö). It is bright red and looks amazing just by itself. Perfect for any time of the year!

Now, these babies over here are the most beautiful things EVER! I am simply in love with them! I am not wearing them yet because it's still winter and the sun doesn't even shine in Denmark, but it will for sure be used as soon as spring comes. These bad boys are from Zara's new collection, which I'm in love! It consists basically of black, white, neon green and stripes, lots of stripes!

What have you guys recently bought? Make sure to leave a comment telling me!




Para começar bem esse blog, eu pensei em mostrar para vocês algumas coisinhas que comprei a pouco tempo.
Já que a maioria das lojas ainda estão em ótimas liquidações e com coleções novas aqui na Dinamarca, eu tenho que ir até a Zara ou a Topshop pelo menos uma vez por semana! É muito importante! ;)
Então, aqui estão as coisas que comprei!

Comprei essa bota linda de uma loja qualquer da Walking street de Copenhague. É de um azul bem forte e tem uma caveira linda de strass do lado (simplesmente perfeita!)

Comprei essa pulseira grandona na Cubus no Emporia que é um shopping enorme, para os padrões daqui, na Suécia. Ela é de um vermelho vivo e fica linda se usar somente ela como acessório. Perfeita pra qualquer época do ano!

 Agora, esses lindinhos aqui são a melhor coisa do mundo! Eu simplesmente estou apaixonada por eles! Eu ainda não usei eles só porque ainda é inverno e não existe muito sol na Dinamarca nessa época do ano, mas pode ter certeza que usarei assim que a primavera começar a chegar! Esses bebês são da nova coleção da Zara, que eu me apaixonei! A coleção consiste de preto, branco, verde neon e listras, muitas listras!

O que vocês compraram recentemente? Não se esqueçam de deixar um comentário me falando!

Com Amor,

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