Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Day in New York


As you've seen from yesterday's post, I went to NYC on memorial day. I mainly went there just to explore a bit, take some cool pictures, and go to Shmakary's for the Broadway Bakes, and get to see Laura Osnes! :)

I took the best way to go to NYC, in my opinion, which is taking the Staten Island Ferry that calls for amazing pictures and a super pretty view! You hop off the Ferry and you are by Battery (I was obviously singing: THE BRONX IS UP BUT THE BATTERY DOWN! #onthetownreference). Soho, which is my favorite area of NYC, isn't too far of a walk from where I was so I walked around there a bit, and went to my favorite store: Topshop! :)

After walking around Soho a bit, I took the subway to the Columbus Circle to have a late lunch at my favorite bakery, called Francois Payard Bakery. They have really good macarons, and my favorite sandwich type of thing that I had at Euro Disney. :) After relaxing a bit in FBP, I walked toward Times Square, which isn't a long walk either (completely forgot to through Central Park for pictures  D: ).

And lastly, the thing that I had been waiting for the whole the day was about to happen! I would meet one of my favorite broadway actresses over at Schmakery's, which is like a bakery that specializes on cookies (which are amazing! Definitely a great to go when in NYC for the first time!). The bakery is having Broadway stars sell their cookies from the 25th to the 29th of May, for Broadway Bakes (Here's info of the schedules if you are close to NYC).

At Schamakery's I got a Schmores cookie, that was wonderful, but I was too tired already to take a picture of it (trust me, it was amazing!). Laura Osnes and Corey Cott were selling the cookies, and they were super sweet, singing happy birthday (which Laura sang an octave higher and I melted inside #musicaltheatrefreak) for the girls who were having their birthdays and taking selfies. I also bought Laura's cd, which she signed and all of the money went straight to Broadway Cares.

I then went back home, just as happy I always am after seeing a musical, and took pictures the way back to Staten Island, which the sun helped a lot! :)

What did you do on Memorial Day?

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