Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hidden Obsession: Drag Queens


I decided to start posting some things that show more of my opinion, a bit more personal. What better way to start this post series than with my biggest obsession? Drag Queens!

My obsession started when I watched RuPaul's drag race a long time ago, which, I'll admit, it was love at first sight with all the makeup and glitter. And the best part was that they looked beautiful and their humor was my favorite. Granted that seeing the show made me very confused because I didn't see them as men dressed as women, but as drag queens. They fit into any of the gender boxes, I wasn't thinking whether they were girls or guys. And, after watching a video on YouTube, where Courtney Act, talked about how she didn't put people in the little boxes when it comes to gender, I realized that I am just like that.

Whenever I would see a boy dressed as a girl, I wouldn't care. I would look at the outfit, at the makeup, not at the most unimportant part, in my opinion. My mom, on the other hand, would right away see that it was a guy, she would look at the features and put that person in one of the boxes in her head. Granted that she is from another generations, that, some, don't even accept gay people.

Recently I was on facebook and ran into a video post that explained something that, to me, was very simple. The video explained the difference between transgenders, transvestites, and drag queens. I've talked to people that I know and most people don't understand that drag queens don't necessarily identify themselves as women.

So, imma break things down, a lot like the video I saw (here is the video, but it is in Portuguese). There's the difference between gender and sex, gender is the way you identify yourself, and goes into personality, and sex is defined by your reproductive organ. A transgender is someone that doesn't feel comfortable being in the body that they are in and have to change it, like Bruce Jenner or Chaz Bono. Drag Queens, on the other hand, are men that dress as women but don't identify themselves as women. They create a character that happens to be a woman, it's just their uniform. Drag Queens, can be women dressing up as men as well.

I hope this post is something that you enjoy! Tell me your opinion in the comments, and what are you obsessed with?

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