Wednesday, July 30, 2014

3 Fun Ways to Wear a Little Black Dress


A lot of things happened between the last post and this one! 
  1. I dyed my hair! I am blonde now! It was quite a process since I have waaaay too much hair. And that is an undeerstatement! (let me know if you want me to make a post all about my experience!)
  2. I went to Gypsy Warrior in Ridgewood, NJ (finally!) and I fell in love with the little town and Gyspsy Warrior itself! :D
That's it! Guess not THAT many things but the hair change was definitely a big one! :)

On today's post I wanted to show you my favorite purchase at Gypsy Warrior and fun, quirky ways to style it! 
Here goes:

Look #1: Rainy Day

Dress: Gypsy Warrior; Boots: Doctor Martens; Bracelet: Gypsy Warrior; Earring: H&M

This dress is just perfect for all year round! And for one of those rainy summer days that get a bit chilly and NEVER stops raining. Pairing it with some rubber boots is just the perfect way. PS: This is great for the transition between Summer and Fall! ;D

Look #2: Can you see them?

Dress: Gypsy Warrior; Shoes: Steve Madden; Socks: Monki; Ring Bracelet: H&M

I have been in love with these see through jelly flats! SO 90S! I decided to pair them with some funky socks, but I also rock them without socks (just gotta have them toes painted!). Since I thought the shoes were attention grabbing already, I decided to not wear too many accessories. I just put on my triangle ring bracelet (keeping the geometric theme ;D).

Look #3: Flower Daisy Power!

Dress: Gypsy Warrior; Shoes: Bamboo; Sunglasses: Target; Flower Crown: Local Boutique; Assorted Rings: H&M, Gina Tricot & Topshop; Bracelet: Ted Baker

I know that this outfit is not everyone's cup of tea. I would definitely tone it down depending on where I'd go. But I couldn't resist! After all, I clearly LOVE daisies! :P
I am, again, rock some cool 90s jellies but these have flatforms. Obviously a flower crown was needed and some hippie inspired sunglasses! :D (You can't see but I even had Daisy stud earrings on! #addicted)

Hope you liked it! What is your favorite way to wear a little black dress?
Post your outfits on instagram and don't forget to tag me: @ticapindosmari

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Skimlinks Test