Monday, June 1, 2015

Monthly Favorites: May


May is already over and all of the Jazzy songs that Alysha Umphress sings about may are in the past! :( This month passed by super fast and was great to stress out about finals and then relax.
So, here is what I loved this month:

From top to bottom: French Kiss Lipstick, Extreme Blue Liner, and XOXO Lipstick, all by NYX Cosmetics
My favorites for makeup have definitely been the NYX Jumbo Pencil Lipsticks, mainly the XOXO and French Kiss. I am also in love with my NYX blue liner, in Extreme Blue, which is a beautiful royal blue liquid liner!

For music, I have been addicted to the Kinky Boot Soundtrack, especially the first song and the "History of Wrong Guys". For regular music, I have been in love with "You Smell So Good", "Mayday! M'aider!", and "You Are Never Away/Ten Minutes Ago", from Alysha Umphress and Jeff Blumenkrantz's album "I've Been Played". I have also been weirdly obsessed (again) with Sara Bareilles! :)
My favorite show this month was definitely iZombie. I love how cheesy it is with all the comic book theme and how it has a little bit of a theme song. And it doesn't hurt to look at Bradley James' (who'll forever be King Arthur to me) beautiful face! ;) I've also been binge watching Inside Amy Schumer, I just love her humour so much!
My favorite movie this month was Kinky Boots, which I watched on Amazon Prime for the first time and it was really good! :)

My favorite Youtubers that I subscribed this month were MannyMUA, Glam&Gore, Meghan Rienks and Patrick Starrr. My all time favorite was definitely Glam&Gore, she does amazing special effects makeup, and that is my favorite kind of make up! :)

The apps that I've downloaded recently and have been using this month are: SimCity and Pinterest!
SimCity is always fun for some good old relaxing and taking care of your whole city, and Pinterest is good for inspiration.
The Video Game that I have been addicted to this month was Kitty Powers' Matchmaker, which is a super cute game and very time consuming! Perfect for when you have nothing to do, or are just procrastinating! :)

My favorite moment/thing that happened this month was definitely meeting Laura Osnes, after all she is one of my favorite broadway actresses! :)

What were you're favorites of the month?


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