Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How My Broadway Obsession Began


So today, I bring to you another "Hidden Obsession" post! Granted that it isn't one of my most secret obsessions, since I have briefly talked about it here on CM. I will share how my obsession with Broadway/Musical theatre started! :)

I had always been in love with musicals (yes, I was a High School Musical fan! And YES I watched HSM3 in the movies and on the day it premiered! And I was not 10 years old!), I have always been a very musical person since I was little. I could not live without music playing every single second, and every single musical tv show or movie that was on TV, I would watch! I obviously obsessed over Glee for a couple of years, and fell in love with songs like On My Own, I Dreamed A Dream, etc. Weirdly enough, what made me look for actual cast recordings, was New Girl (my other obsession that does not die), in one episode one of the characters sang Wicked!

After listening to the whole Wicked soundtrack on the Youtubs, I decided to look into live performances thinking that they would sound like many singers (not great), and I realized that the live performances were 100 times better than the cast recordings. I then realized that Glinda was played by Kristin Chenoweth (I had already fallen in love with her in Glee), and I bought the cast recording's CD. I would listen to Wicked non-stop and working on that Elphaba belting on my way to college. :)

For thanksgiving, my mom and I decided to spend a few days in New York to just relax in a nice hotel and go see a broadway show on the last day. We decided to go see Les Miserables, on a matinee. As soon as the whole thing started I was amazed at how beautiful everything was, at how amazing the voices sounded, the whole barricade, it was breath taking (I literally cried throughout the whole thing, and it wasn't because the story was emotional, now I'm used to the crying! It means their doing it right)! From that point on, I knew that I had to try to do something like that to see if I would like to do for the rest of my life, or not! 

I then watched Phantom of The Opera, and it was Norm Lewis' last matinee (that one, I was balling my eyes out! Again, they were doing it right!). After that, came On The Town, which is now my favorite type of musical, I loved the comedy, singing and dancing. And then, I saw Anything Goes on tour.

Here's my little memory board, that I keep in my room

I DYI'd this little "chalk" board, which I have no idea if the writing is erasable. On the top row, I have the two CDs that I have signed by Alysha Umphress, and the other by Laura Osnes. I then have Playbills from Les Miz, Phantom and On The Town. On the bottom row, I have the little program from the show I was in, one that I did sound for, the Anything Goes Tour, and an old birthday card, a photo booth pic I took with my friend in Urban Outfitters and a random picture of the guys in Merlin.

What is your obsession?

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