Monday, June 15, 2015

Makeup Monday: Favorite Eyeshadows (with swatches)


For this week's Makeup Monday, I decided I would share some of my favorite eyeshadows! :)

I thought I would split up the shadows in three categories: lid, crease, and eyeliner, which are all pretty self-explanatory! I have also swatched all of the shadows. :)


The first swatch on my arm is a TopShop eyeshadow that is the pretties light gold, and it is a nice change if you usually use champagne colors on your lid! 
The second color on my arm is MAC's vanilla, and it is the one that I wear the most. It is super silky and has very little shimmer.
The third color is a light pink matte shadow from NYX. I like how it is just pink enough to look good as a lid color, instead of making your eye look irritated.
The fourth color is for when I am feeling like having a frosty finish to my lid color. This shadow is also great for highlighting the inner corner. (and it is around 1 dollar!)
The last color is another one by ELF and it is the prettiest frosty lilac shadow that I own! I love purple and it is another great change from the usual lid colors.

PS: if you feel like you look better in warmer tones, wear the gold lid color to change it up, but if you prefer cool tones, then wear the lilac! :)


 My crease colors change very slightly, as you can see I like brown!

The first shadow is another MAC one that I love. It is silky, matte and a very warm tone of brown.
The second color is lighter brown from NYX. If blended very well, it can look very natural and looks great with a winged liner and red lips! This is definitely my most worn shadow.
The last two ones are something that I don't wear all the time, but that I like a lot. Driftwood is a very pretty brown with golden shimmer, and Purple is a great purple, whenever you want to change things up!


These are my favorite colors for using as an eyeliner. I usually first line my eyes with a white pencil, and then put these on top so they can stick to something and not transfer to my crease.
The first one is the prettiest teal! It has just enough shimmer, and it looks amazing as an eyeliner!
The second is from The Vice pallet from urban decay, which is my favorite pallet! 
Both of the colors are very pigmented, which is great for using as an eyeliner so there isn't too much product!

Here is a picture of me wearing the Teal as an eyeliner!

What are your favorite eyeshadows? I'd love to try them out!

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