Friday, April 19, 2013

My Must Have: Trusty Bag


I have come to you today to tell that I love my beautiful satchel!

When I went to Paris, which was during my christmas break (needless to say, it was my favorite place to go and I'm going there again during summer break! :D). Continuing the story... I was pretty focused on getting a nice bag that is a bit pricier but worth the small splurge (and a watch).
Of course I wouldn't go crazy and buy a 1000€ bag, I wanted to start slow.
So when I was walking on a street close to the beautiful Champs-Élysées, I ran into the Michael Kors store and I was the happiest! 
I was not proud of myself when I got there, I looked like something that wouldn't walk into a nice store (it was raining) , but I had already walked into many other stores with that beautiful hair and the only thing that I thought was getting my beautiful watch and loving it like he was my biological son.
I looked at the watches and finally picked one out, which is the one that you have seen in many of my outfits. When the lady was adjusting it for me, I went to take a look at the bags and saw the cutest satchel in the planet.

It is the Hamilton Satchel, and it is possible for you to choose them in different colors and the details can be gold or silver and they have in two other sizes.
This size retails for 300€

My Opinion

This bag was a nice little investment and a nice way to start off. It is a nice size and pretty comfortable.
Another plus is that the style is pretty classic and it works for all seasons. You can easily dress up or down with this bag.
It is a pretty sturdy bag and I use every single time I get out of the house, except for school. :)

What's in my bag?

Here are the things that I had in my bag! :)

  1. Michael Kors iPhone wallet
  2. Sock bun donut from H&M
  3. 4 step nail file from Gina Tricot
  4. A cool pen with cool colors
  5. hair pins
  6. gummy green earphones by Sony
  7. Vaseline hand cream
  8. Viva Glam I by MAC
  9. Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Crush
  10. Topshop lipstick in Legend
  11. Too Faced LashGasm mascara
  12. Sephora Rouge Shine in 47
  13. Nivea lip balm
  14. Michael Kors watch
  15. iPhone cover from H&M
  16. iPad cover by Glitter
  17. Monthly Card

Hope you liked my long dramatic story...  What is your favorite bag? 

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