Thursday, April 11, 2013

Into my wardrobe: Favorite Coats


Today is a very gloomy day in beautiful Denmark. It has been raining/snowing all day and the sun hasn't come out. So I thought I would share with you my favorite coats, they are not exactly supposed to be warm, they "springy/summery" coat and jackets.

Underneath the coats I wore a simple outfit, but I thought I'd tell what I am wearing!

I decided to keep it simple and black! :)
So I am using one of those bodysuits from H&M, a skirt that I've had for a long time, H&M stockings and 67 boots.

Let's get to the coats! :D

I decided to started with the heaviest of them. This is a leopard coat from H&M, and I recently posted how I would style it. It fits very nicely, even though it is H&M. And needless to say that I love animal print! 

This one is my spring/fall coat. Since the military trend is still around, I feel like I can get away with wearing it on both seasons. I bought it around october last year and Topshop came up with it again, the only difference is the lining color. I think it's a very nice piece to have in your wardrobe and the color looks amazing with RED and ORANGE, at least in my opinion! :)

 This one is also a piece that every girl should have: (faux) leather jacket! Every single brand has one and you can never have too many. 
Mine is from New Yorker, an inexpensive store. It has the cold studs, which I love. I wouldn't say that buying a studded jacket as your first leather jacket would be ideal, though. Since its hard sometimes if you want to pair with studded shoes or anything else with studs.

This is one of the best purchases I have ever done. This is a jacket from Zara and it came around spring (not sure) last year. Even though I can't pair it with any pants, like denim ( I don't really like the idea of denim on denim). This jackets look badass over dresses, black pants and a t-shirt or anything else! I love it!

The last but most definetly not least is my but floral blazer. I bought it in 2010 or 2011 in a little boutique in Brazil. It is the brightest, most comfortable and beautiful blazer I have ever had. I have been seeing that floral blazers are still in, so I will most definetly be using it ( I would use it even if the trend was banned forever).

That is it! Show me YOUR favorites coats, I would love to see them. If so, just do a blog post and make sure to leave the link in the comments.

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  1. I know this entry is on your favorite jackets but I seriously love all the examples of how to style a plain black dress!



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