Monday, March 4, 2013

Love Hate Relationship: Melissa


Happy Monday!

Today I will be talking about my love-hate relationship with Melissa. No, it is not a random girl. It actually is a shoe brand from Brazil that makes really cool shoes make of plastic (that smell amazing btw).
Melissa Campana

The Brand

Melissa is, as I told you before, a Brazilian shoe brand, that are produced by Grendene. They first launched in 1979 and their first model got the name of Aranha (spider). Which were inspired by the sandals that were used by the fishermen of the French Riviera.

For quite a long time, the brand was a huge success in the adult public. In 1986, Melissa started making shoes also for the little ones, and lauched the so called Melissinhas (little Melissas). They would come with special accessories, which make all the little girls want them all the time!

BUT... The brand that I and most of the girls my age know, only started to actually get noticed in 1994. And in 2000 the brand went back to growing more and more.
Now, different well known designer are invited to customize the brand's shoes, such as Jason Wu, Vivienne Westwood, the british stylist J. Maskrey (hers are one of my faves, they have beautiful cristals as detail) and many others.

Melissa Vivienne Weswood Anglomania

Now, they also have these cute ones that are for the little ones, which makes me want to have a little baby girl and just make her wear all of them.

Spider and Campana for the little girls

My impressions

I've always loved the style of the brand, their designs are beautiful and the stores smell amazing.
Even though the brand has all these amazing shoes, they are still made of plastic, making it a bit hard to be worn. You can of course wear their boots, I've seen it a lot in Sweden, since it is rainy and they are pretty cute. But the ballet flats are a bit harder, specially if you have to walk a lot, my feet hurt a lot and I get cuts and everything since I walk a lot around Denmark. In Brazil I can easily wear them, though. One pro is that they sandals are really cute and they don't hurt at all and they have all sorts of cute designs. 

Here are a some of the ones I have:


Check out some of their ads! It is sooooo awesome...

This one is an old school and in portuguese, pretty funny...

Hope you liked it! You can check out their online store here, if you are from Brazil. Or you can go to Solestruck, which also sells Melissa! :)
 Tell me in the comments your Love-Hate relationships! :)


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