Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fave app: Dujour


I thought I'd share with you guys my new favorite app! 
Even though my favorite app of all times is Instagram, I thought I would talk about a recent one that not that many people may know about it.

The app is called Dujour. It is almost like Lookbook (but less annoying)! You basically take pictures and you can have different collages, then you can add labels for each of your clothes, choose the type and the brand. If you click in any of the little badges under your picture you can check out other people that had the same thing in their outfit.
One reason that made me feel the need to download the app was because they were made by brazilians, and that just makes me super proud of my country! :)

I post almost everyday there, if you have an iPhone, just download it and then look for me it is @TicapindosMari, just like all of my other social media stuff! :D

What do you guys think about this app? Would be willing to try it out? If so, tell me your usernames below and I will follow you guys for sure! 


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