Friday, February 15, 2013

Yay or Nay: Comic trend


 Today's post is all about this trend that has been around in a lot of stores. Comics or  Geeky things!
 Whenever I'm looking at cute clothes online or at any other store, I have seen a lot of graphic sweaters with the words 'bang' written on them or anything Comic-ish!
 Topshop launched a new collection, a little bit ago, that was called Comic Girl. In the collection they have Geeky things, such as Pixelated accessories, smiley leggings, pop art sweaters and one of my favorites that I have seen a lot of people wearing, the Geek shirt.

They have the cropped ones, the longer ones and the jumpers. What I personally like about them is that  the t-shirts look as if you customized them. 

 Besides the Geek shirts, here are some of my favorite items from the Comic Girl collection:

Of course the Mickey shirt is the cutes thing! I loved the Pixelated heart necklace, it so geeky! I simply love "exotic" pants, so the smiley one could not be left behind. I really like the wedge sneaker idea, it is comfy and you can dress it up or down. I used a lot of sweaters, specially because in Denmark it is cold and windy all the time and the pop art one was my favorite one. I could let the Gorillaz shirt be left behind, this band was part of my childhood and I remember how much I liked them!
You can find all of the item at topshop!

 Another store that is starting to have some Comic pieces is Zara. The TRF came up with a couple of graphic sweaters and shirt in theme of the trend.

  They do look nice and it is obvious that the two stores focused on different trends that are going to be popular in Spring and Summer.
 Overall, I liked the sweater with the girl in black and white, and the tee with the same kind of design.
You can find all of the items and more at Zara.

So, did you guys like this trend or do you think it is a total fail? If so, make sure to post in the comments your opinion!


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  1. I think this trend is cute. Not really my style but I can see myself sliding a few pieces into my wardrobe. :)


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