Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Yay or Nay: Bell Bottoms


For today's Yay or Nay, I decided to talk about the newest old trade that is making a comeback this year, Bell Bottoms! 

Bell Bottoms are great if you want to have Bohemian look, most of them have a higher waist and look great with flowy tops. For the girls that are shorter, like me, to make your legs look longer you can simply pair the pants with a really high heel, and the bottom should hit just above the ground, that way you look tall and with long legs. To create even longer legs, just tuck your top in your jeans, so it will give an illusion of a smaller torso.

I feel like this type jeans is great for every body type, I think it is very versatile, and it doesn't hurt to see some cute options that are out there. And I do think that if you pair them with a floppy hat, they would look super fabulous! ;)

Left to Right: Top Row - H&M Flare High Waist Jeans ($34.99), Article of Society Red Label 'Kick' Flare Jeans ($88), Target Mossimo High Rise Flare Jean ($29.99)
Bottom Row - H&M Flare Regular Jean, available in other colors ($29.99), Topshop MOTO Jamie Ripped Flare Jeans ($80), See by Chloé Patchwork Jeans ($315)

Above are just a few of the options that you can choose from a couple of stores. I personally loved the copper one from Article of Society Red Label and the detail on the lighter wash of the one from H&M is just perfect. I also fell in love with the way Topshop chose to make one that are a bit distressed. And the Chloé ones are just amazing, and very weird looking! XD

What do you think of Bell Bottoms?
Feel free to leave any suggestions for my next Yay or Nay post below! :)

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