Tuesday, September 1, 2015

College Organization Tips


I have been pretty proud of how organized I have gotten when it comes to school. Keeping an organized system is very good to not feel overwhelmed and have decent nights of sleep. So I thought I would share some of my tips on being organized.

My organization system is fairly simple, and all that I use is a portfolio folder for each subject, a 5 subject notebook, and a planner.

I use the portfolio folder so that I can keep track of handouts, and anything that I have to hand in. If you have subjects that don't have a lot of handouts, you can always use one folder for two different subjects.

I personally prefer a 5 subject notebook because that way I have all subjects with me at all times, so even if I don't have a subject that day I can still look at my notes if I need to study in my free time. I also try my best to keep my notes as tidy as possible so that I can actually read over them whenever I need to.

The planner is to make sure you are keeping yourself in check. I use the planner to write down any deadlines and also I try to plan what I am doing on a certain day, that way when you have to read something or study you can divide up between the days you have and it gets much easier too.

Even though you may plan out everything and keep yourself organized, you can easily be struck with the overwhelming monster that procrastination is. So always make sure to relax and just leave whatever you have to do for another day, if you can.

Do you have any tips for keeping yourself organized?

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