Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Experience: Bite Beauty Lip Lab


Today I thought I would share with you one of my favorite experiences from last year, where I made my own lipstick! :D

My friend was the one who found out about the Lip Lab, which is in Soho, NYC. It is a super cute small store, where you can make your own lipsticks, as well as buying regular Bite Beauty products.

To be able to make your lipstick, you have to call ahead and schedule an appointment. The lipstick is $30, which is not bad for being personalized. The girls there are super nice and you first start by choosing the color that you want, you can either come to them with a specific color and they will show you different options, or they can help you figure out what color you prefer. After choosing your color, you pick the finish of your lipstick, matte or glossy, then you pick the packaging of your lipstick as well what flavors you want. And then you just wait and watch them make your lipstick, which is super fun.

This is my lipstick

I chose this super dark matte purple, because I could not find the exact color that I wanted in regular stores. I flavored my lipstick with vanilla and cherry, and it is so good! :) 

They also give you a little card with the colors of your lipstick, so that you can go back and buy another the exact same color.

What do you think of making your won lipstick?
What is your perfect shade?

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