Monday, July 27, 2015

Organization: Nail Polish


Today I thought I would share how I organize my nail polishes, since I do have a lot and I don't have the space to have those huge nail polish racks, and it's an easy way to choose which nail polishes you, or your friends, want to use right away! :)

What I first did is I wrote down a list of all the nail polishes that I had, separating them by category, for example top coats, crackle, nail art, and I separated the colors in pinks, reds, greens, etc.

Here is my list, I also numbered them so I know how many I have and it is easier to organize them later. I decided to actually write it down by hand, but you can type it down and keep it in your computer or print it out, so you can do the swatches on the side like I did.

What I then did is I grabbed a plastic box, which is about the same size as a shoe box, and I put the polishes in the box trying my best to somehow keep the order that they are on the paper. After I filled one box, I marked down from which number it started and ended, and just labeled the box, I then filled up the other box and did the same as the first one.

How about you, are you a nail polish addict like I am?

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