Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Review: TodayTix App


Today I thought I'd bring something different, a review of an app. I will be sharing my personal experience and opinion about it. :)

About a month ago, I posted a video talking about what was on my iPhone, and one of the apps was TodayTix, at that point I hadn't tried it out yet. So last week I decided to try it out, and bought tickets to see 39 Steps, an off-broadway play. I looked up on the play's website, and the tickets on the app were much cheaper, so I decided to go ahead and buy mezzanine seats, which were only $20, to my surprise, when I got to the theatre, I ended up getting orchestra seats! The show went great and I carried on my solo adventure in NYC.

Let me explain the app better to you. What you first to is you purchase your tickets through the app, and it works in a way that it will find the best seats for you, but you are still having a discount over the price you are paying. Only a couple of shows are available for tickets there, and depending on the day, there are shows that have more or less discount, and the app also has lottery for Fun Home, On The Town, and other shows. Tickets for a show become available 6 days before the day of the performance. I recommend buying the tickets right when they come out, since the day I wanted to go see a performance was on wednesday, I bought my tickets on thursday, that way I would be able to get the best seats, otherwise you can easily get all the way back in the corner of the mezzanine and that is no fun. The app is very simple once you buy your tickets, you get an email confirming and it also sends you an email on the day of the performance to remind you. On the day of the performance, you pick up your tickets at the theatre's box office, usually about 30 minutes before showtime, and you are ready to enjoy the show!

Easy, right? So what are you waiting for? Go enjoy some broadway fun! XD

After you have seen the show, the app also sends you an email and a code that'll give $20 off a friend's order until the end of august, then in september the discount will be of $10 off. My code is IVWSR

The app is available the app store, google play and amazon. And there is the option of also buying tickets for west end performances in London.

Do you have any thoughts on the app?

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