Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yay or Nay: I ❤ CATS


Today's post is all about cats/felines on everything, such as, clothing, accessories, shoes and it goes on and on.

The first store that has quite a few options is Topshop. Here are some of my favorites:

The top row is for the edgier girls. I loooove the leggings and the two bomber jackets are really cute!
For the girls that like the trend, but are don't want to go to the extreme, the PJs and the socks are super cute. And for the weird ones, like me, you will love the tiger onesie! :D

The next one up is Forever 21. I didn't find that many things, but here some of my favorites.

Needless to say that I love the Leggings! The cat ears are cute, but I feel like I would not have the guts to wear them in public and the watch and rings are super duper cute!

Choies  is an online store that has some really cool stuff. They obviously had a bunch of cat stuff...

The beanie and the hat are both perfect for fall and winter. And the tote bag seems to be good for school, and it has a cat with hipster glasses and galaxy in the background. What more could you ask?
They obviously had kitten leggings, which I just love. They also had this cute wedge that I thought it would be nice for the not so daring, I feel like it is a bit more plain and girly. And the final one from Choies is the dress, I love these dresses. I have one a lot like it, but with a tiger instead of a cat. And whenever I see others like it, I want to buy them so badly.

Another online store is Romwe, they have awesome leggings, so they are basically on my wish list.

I picked two cute jumpers, I like both of them, but I think that the distressed white one wins a bit more. They also had these awesome tights with that look like over-the-knee socks. And they have a whole bunch of new cat items. They have cropped tops, skirts and leggings. Who can resist?

 The last one is more of a splurge. I have never bought any of these and don't know if I ever will, but they surely are on my wish list. It's Kenzo!

The one that I want the most is their jumper, which I fall in love every single time I see it. I also picked two hand bags, one with a colorful tiger and the other one with it in the same color as the bag. And one that I'll most likely buy is their iPhone case. I think that the blue tiger looks super pretty and with a white iPhone, it will look perfect! ;D

What do you think about this trend? Yay or Nay?
Are you a cat or a dog person? I am definitely an animal in general person! hahahahaha

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