Friday, June 14, 2013

Favorite Nail Polishes: Summer


Today I come to you with a lovely post about nail polishes! I personally get very excited!
So, I will be sharing with you my favorite nail polishes to wear during summer, both ones that I usually wear and the ones that I plan on wearing! :)

Let's get started, I decided to not include any brazillian brands, since it is quite hard for you to get a hold of! (would you like me to do a giveaway of brazillian nail polishes? I buy my favorites and give it away...)

From left to right: Blazed by Wet'n'Wild, Lazer Beam by L.A. Girl, 343 by Kiko, Big Yellow Taxi, Cupcake queen and headliner by Ciaté.
These first six polishes are just nice colors that are a bit brighter for summer! A girl always has to have a coral, a hot pink, turquoise or a green and a purple. The yellow is very specific and some people may not like it.

Left to right: 64 by coolcos, 389 by Kiko and You're such a budapest by OPI
Pastels are always summer and spring friendly and pink, acqua and violet are always cute.

L to R: Jewel, Glass slipper, magic carpet and enchanted rose by Ciaté

 Glitter is a girl's best friend and Ciaté's are my favorites! Glitter surely look perfect all year round! :)

Left to right: candyshop, prom queen, bumble bee and sundance caviar pearls by Ciaté.

 Caviar nails are simply my favorite thing in the world, but they are hard to do... But these pearls by ciaté are so pretty, I am definitely not going to be able to resist this summer!

 What are the nail polishes that you'll be wearing this summer?

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