Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Designer Dupes: Céline


I come today with another Designer Dupes and this time it is all about the trendy Céline bags.
I have been dying to buy a trapeze bag by Céline, but they surely are expensive and I personally tend to always want a new bag. So, to make sure that you are going to use such an expensive bag, it is nice to find dupes for them...

The first shop is an online one, called oasap! And it is the one that I found that had most of bags similar to designer ones.

They have the trapeze bags in two different colors, it is hard to choose the prettiest! And they have the luggage one, much like the micro, in pastel colors!
There are other websites that have them, but they seem to just be inspired by the designer. 
Like Zara:
Their shopper bag is super cute and huge! :D They have it available both in black and a caramel color.

I'm sure there are many other options, but these ones are some of my favorites!

Are you willing to splurge on an original Céline bag, or are going for the dupes?

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