Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What's Your Signature Color?


Today's post is inspired by the IFB Project #105 and it is all about figuring out what is your signature color!

At first, I was not sure what my signature color was. So I looked up my pictures and could not seem to find one color that would always be there, then I realised that my favorite clothing items were colorful!
So, I've come to the conclusion that my favorite color is just every single color in one item of clothing, or at least a couple of colors!

Here are my most favorite items that are colorful and were what inspired me!

The most summery thing that I have in my wardrobe has got to be my maxi skirt! I simply love the colors and the pattern! It is super comfy and short enough for my super long (not!) legs!
It is super easy to dress up or down. And Topshop has new colors available! :)

The next two are jackets. The one on the left is my awesome bombe jacket with zebras and cheetahs in crazy colors all over. And my cute and romantic floral blazer. Both are perfect for black on black outfits! The blazer can be easily dresses up or down, but the bomber jacket I feel like is a bit more casual! :)

What is your signature color?

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