Monday, July 15, 2013

Travelling: Favorite brushes


Today I will be showing you what make up brushes I usually bring whenever I am travelling! :)

The first ones up are face brushes, my favorite ones. The softest and biggest!

I usually bring both my sigma Flat top kabuki (F80), which I use for foundation, and my angled contour brush (F40), for powder blush and bronzer. I also brought my Real Techniques expert face brush for cream blush and, sometimes I use it to blend my concealer a bit. And my concealer brush is by Sephora.

Now, blending brushes...

I bring three blending brushes, which are my holy grill. I have my coolcos big brush, that I use to blend everything and to apply highlight. And I also bring two sigma blending brushes, E40 and E25. I use E40 to blend smaller areas that the coolcos one is too big to reach and the E25 I use to apply color to my crease.

Other brushes...

I usually bring these three brushes, just in case I need them. E30 is perfect to apply color under the eye, E60 is my go-to if I need to quickly apply color to my lid and the E55 is perfect for that black on the outer corner of the eye.

And I could never forget the angled brushes...

I bring two NYX angled brushes, most of the times. I use one for eyeshadow and the other to apply my gel liner.

What are your favorite brushes to use?

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