Friday, August 30, 2013

Malmö Haul

HELLO! Remember that post that I talked about in the last post? Well, here it is!

Last saturday I went to Malmö, because I simply love Emporia (their huge and beautiful mall). And Sweden has better prices than Denmark and it is only half an hour by train. So, here's what I bought whilst I was there...

The main reason why I wanted to go there was to buy some hair products, specially a shampoo that my hairdresser recommended.

I went to a really nice shop where they only sell hair products, it is heaven!
There I bought L'oreal's Lumino Contrast shampoo and Radiance Mask. I also bought tangle teezer hairbrush and Kevin Murphy's Color.Bug in a bright coral shade.

I was also looking for the perfect boots for fall and winter. And I found these Dr. Martens dupes at a local store. They are super comfy for being so cheap and they have a zipper, which makes things so much easier.

And last but not least, I bought this cute pen that you can punch people with it! SO CUTE!!!

What have you bought lately?

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